I don’t often use supermarket delivery services as I like to pick my own items, especially fruit and veg. Last week I did use Tesco’s online delivery service and was shocked to find that, on checking the “delivered items” invoice, it had overcharged on 12 items.

After calling Tesco, a day later I received an email saying the overcharge would be refunded but I am very concerned that it can overcharge in the first place. When I buy something online for £5, I don’t expect to be charged £6 without being told why.

Tesco customers – you have been warned.

RP, by email

Tesco says that your price discrepancies occurred because several of the items were on promotion at the time of ordering.

“It is clearly stated during the ordering process that prices are determined on the day of delivery, rather than at the time of ordering. In the case of RP, the items he paid full price for had previously been on offer, but the promotions had ended prior to delivery,” it adds.

It seems a bit of a swizz to me. Has anyone else noticed this?

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