Two key villains have already emerged on this season of 'The Bachelorette,' whether Hannah knows it or not. (Photo: Ed Herrera, ABC)

Hannah tells Luke P. she wants him to be sure when he says something like that, and he doubles down. She’s glad he told her: “I asked for bold and you’re bold.”

The other guys are skeptical about Luke P.’s intentions, and Mike confronts him about it. “I’m just letting you guys know, it’s in my personality. If I want something, like, I’m going to go and get it,” Luke P. says. We’ve got ourselves a villain!

Hannah tells Jed he looked “dang good” in his Speedo and that his talent was amazing. They kiss. Hannah says Jed calms her in a way that she likes, and adds that Luke P. takes her breath a bit. We may already have a possible finale on our hands.

The group date rose ultimately goes to … Jed! Yee-haw!

All in the name of mud

Tyler G., who Hannah compares to a hotter Tim Tebow (which, sure), snags the first one-on-one date. The pair go up in a helicopter and later ride ATVs over mud, getting very dirty. (Only in the literal sense.)

“I have mud in places that mud should never be,” Hannah says. Only on “The Bachelorette” could the two cuddle after this, with dried mud on their clothes yet somehow still-perfect hair.

Hannah reflects on her own one-on-one with Colton during last season’s “Bachelor,” and talks about how she shut down a lot and how much “Hannah” she wanted to show him. Tyler says he’s trying his best to be real.

Tyler tries to get to know her and asks what she wants to do in this life, though Hannah is short on details. (She’s always wanted to have a family, be a mom, wants to have own career, etc.) The date is a snooze-fest but he gets the rose anyway.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Devin, Matteo, Daron, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter and Garrett get the next group date, leaving several guys (including first rose of the season-winner Cam) without a date this week.

The men on this date are going to play roller derby. Much like on the pageant group date, Hannah is looking for people who exude joy whether they’re awesome or they suck.

Most of them suck. Connor J., for his part, sits down and gets some extra attention from Hannah (not unlike JoJo attending to Wells a few years back). Dustin ends up hurting himself, and he and Hannah later have a sweet moment reflecting on it. It pays off for Dustin, who wins this group date rose. It should be noted the MVP for skill level on this date is Daron.

Elsewhere, Peter opens up to Hannah, telling her relationships have been on the back burner as he’s focused on his career, but that he’s a hopeless romantic. Don’t count out this pilot landing Hannah’s heart (sorry, yuck) without a fight.

Plus: Villain No. 2 of the episode appears, and his name is Cam − excuse me, ABC, Always Be Cam. The producers are obviously trying to annoy the audience by including his little mantra all the time. It’s working.

Cam crashes the group date, rose in hand(!), and interrupts Hannah and Devin. Several guys confront him about it afterward, but his shtick isn’t going away anytime soon.

Who’s going home?

It seems like Hannah is going to cancel the cocktail party when she starts tearing up while addressing the men, but she’s apparently just overwhelmed with emotion. (As she would put it, same.)

Cam the Crasher strikes again, this time interrupting Hannah’s time with Kevin with a weird chicken nugget ceremony.

Luke P. the Predictable massages Hannah during his time, and says “you’ll learn I’m really good with my hands.” OK, buddy. Hannah tells him he can take off his shirt so she can massage him, and who walks in a short time later but an evidently heartbroken Jed!

But don’t worry, Jannah fans (is it too soon to ‘ship?): Hannah and Jed ultimately laugh off what could’ve been a more uncomfortable situation. 

So, who gets the remaining roses tonight? Tyler C., Garrett, Devin,  Connor S., Luke P., Dylan, Luke S., Mike, Peter, Kevin, Jonathan, Joey, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Grant and Cam.

Who was sent home? Connor J., Daron and Matthew.

After the rose ceremony, Luke P. pays Hannah a quick visit. She sits in his lap and they talk some more. “I don’t want you to have any fear in this with me,” he tells her. “You can trust me.” 

Famous last words, sir. Famous. Last. Words.

Look, who among us hasn’t fallen for man candy? But Hannah, watch your back.

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Eliminated May 13: Brian, 30, Louisville, Kentucky, math teacher Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenCam, 30, Austin, Texas, software sales Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Chasen, 27, Ann Arbor, Michigan, pilot Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 20: Connor J., 28, Newport Beach, California, sales manager Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenConnor S., 24, Dallas, investment analyst Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 20: Daron, 25, Buckhead, Georgia, IT consultant Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenDevin, 27, Sherman Oaks, California, talent manager Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenDustin, 30, Chicago, real estate broker Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenDylan, 24, San Diego, tech entrepreneur Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenGarrett, 27, Birmingham, Alabama, golf pro Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenGrant, 30, San Clemente, California, unemployed Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Hunter, 24, Westchester, California, pro surfer Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenJed, 25, Nashville, Tennessee, singer/songwriter Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Joe, 30, Chicago, The Box King Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenJoey, 33, Bethesda, Maryland, finance manager Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenJohn Paul Jones, 24, Lanham, Maryland, financial analyst Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenJonathan, 27, Los Angeles, server Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenKevin, 27, Manteno, Illinois, behavioral health specialist Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenLuke P., 24, Gainesville, Georgia, import/export manager Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenLuke S., 29, Washington, D.C., political consultant Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Matt Donald, 26, Los Gatos, California, medical device salesman Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenMatteo, 25, Atlanta, management consultant Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 20: Matthew, 23, Newport Beach, California, car bid spotter Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenMike, 31, San Antonio, Texas, portfolio manager Craig Sjodin, ABCFullscreenPeter, 27, Westlake Village, California, pilot Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Ryan, 25, Philadelphia, roller boy Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Scott, 28, Chicago, software sales executive Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenEliminated May 13: Thomas, 27, Detroit, international pro basketball player Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenTyler C., 26, Jupiter, Florida, general contractor Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreenTyler G., 28, Boca Raton, Florida, psychology graduate student Ed Herrera, ABCFullscreen


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